Friday, April 8, 2011

Night Light Hunting

I guess I'm not good at Project 52, I can't even post a photo a week. Since my camera is sick, I'm going to take a break until it's fixed. It's suffering from some focus issue and I was told that each of the AF point had to be adjusted at the service center since they all would randomly focus or not focus, sometimes they would front focus, sometimes back focus, sometimes not focus at all depending on the camera's mood. I don't have a very well behaved camera.

Anyway, I had to take some night time architecture photos for my class assignment. Went to the park, had to stop to take this picture because the lighting was just so beautiful. This first image was how it looked when I was there. SOOC, 30mm, ISO 100, SS 30s, f/16:

This is me playing with LR:

From a LR preset:

Another LR preset:

ISO 100, 55mm, SS 100s, f/16:

ISO 100, 59mm, SS 100s, f/16, with mirror lockup:

ISO 100, 50mm, SS 35s, f/16, with mirror lockup:

ISO 100, 39mm, SS 10s, f/16, with mirror lockup:

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